Artist Help

Fans4Music offers artists an easy to use platform to maintain the online relation with their fans. You can access the Fans4Music platform at

These pages help you use this platform. They are subdivided in the following sections:

  • General Information about the global idea of the Fans4Music platform, about registration and logging in, and over defining artists.
  • Music Information about adding music tracks.
  • Photos Information about adding photos.
  • Fans Information about maintaining your fans and about the use of fan levels.
  • Website Information about creating and maintaining your Fans4Music website.
  • Events Information about adding and editing events.
  • Fan feedback Information about communciation with your fans.
  • News Information about creating and sending news items to your fans and your social media.
  • Analytics Information about analysing your fans and their behavior.
  • Crowdfunding Information about possibilities to ask contributions from your fans.
  • Merchandise Information about the possibilities to sell merchandise to your fans.

Besides this help there is a [list of frequently asked questions] (faq/ that covers many topics.